Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile with Professional Photography in Brighton

Why Your LinkedIn Profile Picture is More Important Than You Think

LinkedIn portrait session with Hannah in Brighton by Jacqui McSweeney

I don’t want to shame anyone with their profile picture on LinkedIn, but let’s be honest: some aren’t great. You know the type: Selfie where it looks obvious you are holding the camera up high, or you had a shot taken with an iPhone, but you cropped people out of it.

But LinkedIn is a professional network, right?! I think you need a more professional-looking photo—a photo that sends a clear message: I mean business. Let’s face it: a good LinkedIn profile picture is your first opportunity to provide a “digital handshake” and make a good first impression.

So, what does it take to make the photo great? Well, in my humble opinion, you want a high-quality profile picture. Why? Well, it’s often your first chance to present yourself to a potential employer. At the end of the day, the purpose is for you to look professional and to boost your career prospects.

A LinkedIn Headhsot for Ray Rodriguez shot in the Brighton studio of Jacqui McSweeney
Box Animation Studio owner Matthew Cooper headshot wearing black, laughing. Photo by Jacqui McSweeney ©2024.
Headshot of Tom Willis, Animator at Box Animation Studio. Photo by Jacqui McSweeney ©2024.
Heashot of George Lee, Production Manager at Box Animation Studio. Photo by Jacqui McSweeney ©2024.

Upgrade your career by standing out with a great LinkedIn Pic

According to a study by Pena, Curado, and Oliveira in the Journal of Business Research, using LinkedIn for professional purposes is crucial for career success. This tells us just how important it is to keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date, including your profile photo. A polished profile picture sets you apart and leaves a lasting impression on potential employers and connections.

A black and white Headshot Photograph with hard light and character captured by jacqui McSweeney

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Poor Lighting: Avoid harsh shadows or overly bright lighting that can obscure your features.
  • Unprofessional Attire: Wear clothing that matches the professional image you want to project.
  • Cluttered Backgrounds: Keep the background simple to keep the focus on you.

So, would a professional photograph work for you? You bet! Working with a professional photographer isn’t just about getting a nice photo—it’s about capturing who you are and the story you want to show the world. I guide you through the process, from choosing the right outfit and background to getting your best angle. Let’s face it: getting a great shot is critical to up your game on LinkedIn.

That’s why I’m also a big advocate for updating your LinkedIn profile in today’s digital age. An updated profile shows you are active and engaged and ensures potential employers and connections see the most current and relevant information about you. Here’s a tip: Regularly updating your profile with new achievements, skills, and professional photos can significantly boost your visibility and credibility on the platform.

Oh, and if you really want to nail it, get a great LinkedIn banner shot. Have you ever considered how a well-designed LinkedIn banner shot can complement your profile picture and reinforce the story you are trying to tell? Our personalized banner shots help convey your professional brand effectively. Whether it’s a skyline of Brighton or a subtle background that matches your industry, a custom banner shot can make your profile stand out.

Okay, so if you’ve read this far, you are hopefully convinced that you need to update your LinkedIn profile, get a new profile picture, and maybe even get a LinkedIn banner shot. I’m with you. Reach out, and I’m happy to chat about helping you get great photos to advance your career.

Give me a shout, email me, or better yet, book here. A professional LinkedIn profile picture is a valuable investment in your career.



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