Client Brand Photography: Chronicles of Constantine Law in London

From Brighton to London: Showcasing Professional Journeys with Powerful Headshots and Branded Imagery

You know what? I feel incredibly fortunate to have longstanding clients who truly value the power of relationships.

Last week, I was at a shoot, and John Hayes, Managing Partner at Constantine Law, turned to me and reflected, ‘You’re part of our growth. You’ve been there to capture when it was just two of us.’

I take note of these kinds of things. I mean, wow! What a feeling to have captured this firm’s growth—from a dynamic duo to a legal powerhouse in London.

 John Hayes, Managing Partner at Constantine Law in London, smiling in a professional headshot by Brighton photographer Jacqui McSweeney.

You’re part of our growth. You’ve been there to capture when it was just two of us.

John Hayes, Managing Partner at ConStantine Law

Five years ago, I accidentally stumbled into a partnership with Constantine Law at a networking event I was photographing. Little did I know that this would become a biannual corporate shoot charting their promise and growth.

Every six months, my camera and I peek behind the curtains at Constantine Law. Their team is expanding, and they’re keeping core members as well, a sign of a firm not just surviving but flourishing—sans the usual legal jargon! 

I have always enjoyed shooting with this team because they care about the photography we create. What a fantastic and dynamic team to work with! Constantine Law wants to demonstrate that it is a top-rated and trusted law firm in London while ensuring its headshot and branded photography capture its team cohesion. 

Team shot of Constantine Law's professionals in London, captured by Brighton photographer Jacqui McSweeney.

And nothing says ‘team spirit’ like a well-coordinated group photo where everyone actually looks like they get along! Jokes aside, they do, though, and it’s lovely to see.

I think they also appreciate my ability to be flexible from “shoot location” to accommodating team members who cannot make it. In fact, a few of them are coming to my studio this week here in Brighton…  So that’s a really nice way to resolve a problem for them, and I’m happy to help—that’s what you do for clients: provide them with excellent service and lots of flexibility. 

The Impact of Professional Branding Photography

For me, professional branding photography is more than aesthetics—it’s about helping companies bring their brand to life with the people who work for them. As Shopify suggests in their blog post How Branding Photography Can Boost Your Business, they highlight that it can be used across social media, websites, press kits and more. For clients like Constantine Law, these images boost their professional image and offer their audience a deeper, more meaningful view of who they are.

I’ve always been about building relationships with my business—it’s something that I think is part of my personality but also makes a lot of business sense. That’s why I value relationships like the one I have with the team at Constantine Law, and I appreciate their continued collaboration.

Branded photography capturing Constantine Law's London professionals in a team meeting, by Brighton photographer Jacqui McSweeney

If you’re looking for a photography company specializing in headshot and branded photography (and its owner: me!) to work alongside you through your evolution and capture you and your team as you build yours from start-up to success, let me know. I’m here to help.