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photographer Jacqui McSweeney photographed in her studio

Hi there, I’m Jacqui, your branding and headshot photographer

Let’s create your decisive moment together


As a Brighton Headshot and Branding Photographer with 20 years of experience, I pour my heart into every session to ensure you look authentic, natural, and your absolute best. I work with powerhouse professionals, creative business owners, and dynamic actors from Brighton to London and beyond. We create a narrative, story, and professional brand built on powerful imagery.

Whether you need a powerful LinkedIn headshot, a personal portrait, or an image that captures your unique character, I’m your go-to Brighton headshot photographer.

I understand that being in front of a camera can feel awkward. That’s why I prioritize creating a relaxed and comfortable environment during our sessions. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be challenging, but I assure you, together, we’ll capture fantastic photos that truly represent you.

I completely understand how difficult it can be to step out of your comfort zone. I was recently interviewed on Photography Adjacent—a podcast about photography and everything else. It wasn’t easy, but I did it. You can watch the interview here.

When I’m not behind the camera, I love travelling (especially back home to beautiful West Cork), enjoying a big glass of red wine with a delicious Sunday roast, and exploring all that my creative Brighton community has to offer with my husband Andy and our rescue dog Lula.

Ready to Open Doors?

If you’re ready to open doors to finding the next opportunity or to showcase your personal or business brand better, I’d love to work with you.

WHAT I offer

What kind of shoot do you need?

Headshots. Branding. Both?

I love creating the perfect headshots and branding photography to help my clients present themselves at their best. You may need a simple LinkedIn shot for your profile, an actor’s headshot session, or a more in-depth portrait session. I also work with companies on their headshots and branding photography in my studio and location.

Professional headshot and branding photography of of Ellis wearing a maroon top in brighton studio of Jacqui Mcsweeney.


  • Consultation: We’ll discuss your needs and desired look.
  • Prep: Guidance on wardrobe and preparation.
  • Shoot: Multiple angles and expressions with natural and studio lighting.
  • Review: Choose your favourite shots.
  • Final Touches: Editing and retouching for a professional finish, perfect for Actors, LinkedIn and Portfolios.

Great for LinkedIn and Actor’s Headshots

Brighton headshot of a man with red hair and beard


  • Consultation: Discuss your vision.
  • Prep: Tips on wardrobe and props.
  • Shoot: Various backdrops and lighting in a relaxed setting.
  • Review: Select your top shots.
  • Final Touches: Editing to highlight your best features.

Excellent for Content, Advertising, LinkedIn, Corporate and more

Two men wearing dress clothes for headshot and branding photography by Jacqui McSweeney

Branding Photography

  • Consultation: Define your brand’s identity and message.
  • Prep: Plan outfits and props to match your brand.
  • Shoot: Capture your brand’s personality with diverse settings, lighting and location
  • Review: Pick the images that best represent your brand.
  • Final Touches: Editing to ensure consistency with your brand’s image.

The complete package from LinkedIn, website, banner images, and more.

Stunning image of the Brighton Pavilion. Brighton Photographer Jacqui McSweeney ©2024
Front door of Jacqui McSweeney's Headshot and Branding Photography studio in Brighton.


Located in the heart of Brighton’s vibrant creative hub on The Old Steine, just moments from the iconic Brighton Palace Pier, my studio is a haven of both natural and studio light as well as artistic inspiration. Easily accessible by train (15-minute walk from Brighton station), bus (stop right outside the door), car (with nearby NCP parking), or a quick Uber ride, let’s create magic together in this inspiring space.

Jacqui McSweeney's studio with a chair in the  room. Natural light filed for headshots and branded photography shoots.
Stunning photo of chair next to window where Brighton Pavillion is outside. Jacqui McSweeney ©2024

Answering your questions about Headshots and Branding Photography

My shoots are very relaxed. We start with a cup of tea and a chat-up, and then when you are ready, we move on to the shoot. I show you what we are shooting as we go, so you are always involved in what we are doing.

Please bring a selection of tops/ outfits with you, we are mainly shooting waist up. A variety of colours is good, as are some different neckline choices. I have a steamer, so don’t worry about stuff getting creased on the way to the studio : )

You will receive an online gallery and, from there, make your final choices. The final edit, skin blemishes, colour toning, etc, is made. The final images are with you two working days after you choose them.

Head to my Booking page and get in touch. A £25 deposit will secure the booking, with the balance due at the studio on the day.

Gallery of professional portraits and headshots by Brighton Photographer Jacqui McSweeney ©2024