Stepping into the Spotlight

Brighton actor Phaedra Danelli photographed by Jacqui McSweeney

As I sat down with Tom Trevatt for The Photography Adjacent podcast, I couldn’t help but feel a mixture of excitement and nervousness. I often encourage my clients to step out of my comfort zone when they come in for a headshot session. Yet, here I was, about to do the same in front of a microphone and a camera.

Reflecting on my career journey, I realized that every successful endeavour had required me to push past my limits and embrace new challenges. From my beginnings as a photojournalist for an English-speaking newspaper in the Czech Republic. To my 25 years as a successful wedding photography to now transitioning into headshot and portrait photography, I’ve always tried to pave my own path with hard work and a commitment to getting “the shot.”

The host, Tom described my conversation as a masterclass in self-belief. It reminded me that even the most successful entrepreneurs face uncertain moments, but how we navigate through them defines our journey.

I am excited and apprehensive as I prepare to open my new studio on March 11th, 24. It’s a new phase of my business, a chance to explore my craft in a fresh environment. I’m embracing this opportunity with open arms. As I encourage my clients to trust in themselves during our sessions, I remind myself to do the same. Because growth happens outside of my comfort zones, and I’m ready to take on whatever comes my way.

To the vibrant community that serves Brighton, Hove, Chichester,Hatsings, London and beyond, I extend a warm invitation to stop by and say hello.
11 Old Steine, Brighton

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